About NCFamilyVoter.com

The North Carolina Family Policy Council is pleased to provide this nonpartisan 2022 General Election Voter Guide website as a service to the public. We encourage all North Carolina voters to utilize this resource before casting your votes, so you have a better understanding of where the candidates stand on issues that are important to you.
On this website, you can:
  • Generate a Personalize Voter Guide containing your specific districts and candidates;
  • Read Additional Comments from the candidates in their own handwriting;
  • Download a PDF of the entire 24-page 2022 General Election Voter Guide;
  • Order Voter Guides in bulk for distribution at your church, civic group, and community;
  • Support the Voter Guide project with a tax-deductible donation to NC Family at NCFamily.org;
  • Access information on registering to vote, key election dates, and finding your polling place.